How to Get Him to Propose

Will He Ever Propose! How to Get Him to Propose Already

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How to get him to propose already! You’ve been together for years now, long enough for you to know his favorite foods and drinks and hopes and dreams, how he feels and what he thinks, and now you’re left with just one more puzzle to solve – will he ever propose?

Are you the only one frustrated by this?  Just thinking about the question is enough to make you want to scream, I want to marry my boyfriend—doesn’t he WANT to get married?!

He very well might.  Even so, however, everyone goes about life at their own pace, and while a relationship means becoming attune to the rhythms of another human being, old habits die hard, and in this case, it’s just as well.

Marriage doesn’t and shouldn’t mean giving up one’s autonomy and personality, and so there are a variety of different reasons why he might be hesitant to pop the questions, some of which might actually be sweet.

He might, for instance, be trying to set things up just perfectly for the proposal.  He might be just a little intimidated or even embarrassed by the incredible request he’d be making for the honor of marrying you.

He might think he’s not good enough yet and wants to be richer or be able to offer you an even better life than he can right now.

Then again, you have your own wants and needs, too, and perhaps, best intentions on his part aside, this has been going on a teeny bit too long.  If so, take a look at our tips on how to get him to propose