How to Get Him to Commit

How to Get Him to Commit To a Serious Relationship

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#5: Make the Most of a No-Win Scenario

Let’s return to our old buddy Captain Kirk—who, intergalactic playboy that he is, is OF COURSE a good example of how to get him to commit, right?—and a scenario Star Trek fans love to gush about, the no-win scenario.

Whether it’s a Corbomite Maneuver or threatening to blow up the Enterprise, Kirk’s many bluffs are legendary, as is his handling of the Kobayashi Maru test aka, What to Do in a Seemingly Hopeless Situation…When You Don’t Mind Cheating.

To cut the technobabble short, faced with a simulation wherein defeat is supposed to be certain, Kirk reprogrammed the test to make it winnable, saying he doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario, that there are always options.

What does this have to do with how to get a guy to commit?  Simply put, if the Picard Maneuver of diplomacy and talking it out doesn’t work, you may need to take the lead and, indeed, tilt the odds in your favor with a bluff or two.

DON’T openly threaten them—that’s wrong and counterproductive—but, if they’re taking you for granted, a little wakeup call might be in order.

Of course, of all the different potential ways how to get him to commit, the drawback here is most obvious—if he calls your bluff, the weakness of your position is exposed, and if he chooses the or else part of Commit or else, that’s it.

On the other hand, if things have gotten this desperate between you two and he still won’t commit, you won’t need Doctor McCoy to evaluate health of your relationship—

It’s dead, Jim!