How to Get Him to Commit

How to Get Him to Commit To a Serious Relationship

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#3: Make It Clear There’s more to Life than Him

Even the best of us have a tendency for taking a good thing for granted once in a while.  In its own twisted way, complacency in a relationship can be considered complimentary.  At its worst, it can mean neglect or outright disrespect, but at its best, it might just mean that he’s so used to and in tune with you that he considers the two of you being together a given.

That’s not just a subtle step in the right direction, but a sweet little reminder that, for all our talk about ways how to get him to commit to a serious relationship, he might be a little more ready for it than you (or he) realize.

Then again, if you just can’t find the key as to how to get him to commit to only you, you might try reminding him that it’s a big universe, and while you’re confined to this little Pale Blue Dot—to borrow the immortal Carl Sagan’s memorable phrase—there’s still a lot to see and do and, yes, many more people to meet.

The out-of-this-world nature of sci-fi can make us feel just as small and insignificant in the universe as it can empower and make us realize just how precious our little lives on this Pale Blue Dot are.  There are countless lives and an infinite number of stories, places and, yes, people worth experiencing.

Make it clear there’s more waiting for you than just him, and if he keeps stalling, you won’t be waiting for him forever like Penelope agonizing over how to get him to commit.  Whether in Homer’s Odyssey, 2001: A Space Odyssey or simply your own personal odyssey, there’s simply too much to do, see and be.