How to Get Him to Commit

How to Get Him to Commit To a Serious Relationship

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Let’s get this out of the way right from the start—one thing you DON’T want to do when figuring out how to get him to commit is toy with him and play games until he says yes.  This isn’t just immoral, it’s exceedingly ignorant, for very simple reasons—it’s wrong to toy with someone’s emotions for your own personal gain, and it doesn’t work.

Those with a Shakespearean streak to them might recall the famous line Love is not love when alteration finds from Sonnet 130.  If, in trying to figure out how to get him to commit to only you, you have to trick or alter them, spoiler alert—they don’t actually love you.

Besides, commitment is all about their dedication.  If you trick them into it…well, that’s not so much willing dedication and actual commitment as your just playing puppet master, is it?

So if cheap tricks and passive-aggressive hints aren’t the answer, wherever is one to look for ways to make him commit?

Here to help your relationship live long and prosper are 6 tips on how to get him to commit to a serious relationship without resorting to cheap mind tricks