How to Get a Guy to Like You

Make Him Fall in Love! How to Get a Guy to Like You

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#1: Give Him Your Attention

This tip on how to get a guy to like you may sound odd at first because you already intend on giving him your attention, but the secret is all about how you do it.

When you are talking to him, look into his eyes and engage yourself into the conversation, but do so naturally and not as if you’re a deer staring into oncoming traffic.

Looking one another in the eyes has the incredible capability of forming a natural bond between the two of you.

Another excellent way to give him your attention is to glance over at him now and then, whether you’re in a group of friends or sitting in class together. Make sure to

Guys like it when a girl gives them attention. By giving him more attention than you’re giving other guys, he’ll wonder if you’re interested in him, or just being friendly.

And that’s exactly what a girl needs to do. You need to get his attention and make him look at you as something more than just a friend. Remember, curiosity kills cats, but it makes guys think funny!