How to Get a Guy to Like You

Make Him Fall in Love! How to Get a Guy to Like You

In Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

Ladies listen up, guys aren’t as difficult as you may think and these are the only tips you’ll ever need on how to get a guy to like you.

Whether you’re trying to hook up with someone new or need to take things out of the friend zone, with these tips, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Now, before you go out and start throwing yourself at him; confessing your undying love, there is something to remember – guys always want what they can’t have.

That doesn’t mean that you should act like you don’t care but the following tactics will show you exactly how this simple secret can work wonders on getting you what you want.

So, tap into your inner Kylie Jenner because when you look and feel great, the man of your dreams will be instantly captivated by your confidence and you will make him addicted to you