How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

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#5: The Anti-Hipster

Sorry, hipsters, but if answer How to get a girl to hook up with you with man-bun-rocking dubstep fans, we’d HAVE to mean it ironically.

To be fair, again, this is a very subjective question, and there are no doubt plenty of women out there who are up for long nights listening to overpriced retro-style vinyl records while reading obscure poetry from authors you’ve probably never heard of whilst pontificating that’s the only real way to listen to music—because iPods and YouTube are so mainstream, and really all the world’s socio-political problems are easy to fix, but regular people are dumb and just don’t get it.

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But for the rest of you, maybe that (somewhat exaggerated) example will shed light on why hipsters aren’t exactly the most popular—they’re smug, and not in a good way.  After all, Darcy’s pretty full of himself too, and he’s a beloved type.

The difference?  The Darcy with whom Lizzie eventually falls in love isn’t the guy at the beginning who’s condescending, pompous and prideful, but the guy by the end who’s put all that confidence and eloquence to better use—and done so for her.

And that right is a big key to answering what type of men women are attracted to?—not the type of men who expect something, or look down their nose or make women feel small, but rather those that make them feel enriched, who treat them like a partner, and do ‘while expecting nothing in return’, this is how to get a girl to hook up with you.