How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

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Let’s return to our discussion of marketing yourself as a nice guy isn’t the best move, shall we?

Let’s take someone like, say, Superman.  He’s strong, he’s incredibly powerful, and he even holds down that nifty reporter job—oh, and he saves people on a daily basis.  Pretty good guy, right?  It’s no wonder Lois Lane has a bit of a thing for him (complicated sexual politics of that aside.)  Now imagine he EXPECTED Lois Lane to have a bit of a thing for him each time he saved her from the Supervillain of the Week, or expected her to have sex with him.

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Suddenly he’s not such a nice guy—and Ma and Pa Kent probably wouldn’t approve, would they?

This is what you can sound like when you push the nice guy angle too much.  The real nice guys of the superhero world do nice things because they genuinely want to help people, no-strings-attached, no expectations getting something back.  That’s why, for all their silliness, tight costumes, Chris Evans and Henry Cavill, people love figures like Captain America and Superman.

OK, Henry Cavill and Chris Evans in tight costumes probably has something to do with that too, but still.