How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

How to Get a Girl to Hook Up With You? #alphamale

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And we don’t mean Jefferson Darcy either.

Well, OK, he could count too for all we know (after all, when ISN’T a Married with Children reference a bonus?) but for the record, we’re talking about Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  If you’ve never read the book…well, first, read the book, and second, picture Colin Firth.

The actor is the definitive film and TV Darcy, having played him in the iconic 1995 miniseries, and pretty much agreed to be the embodiment of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (to say nothing of Bridget Jones’ dreams.)

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So, what’s Darcy all about, and what makes him so desirable?  He’s astute, and a good talker, for one.  The verbal banter between Darcy and Lizzie Bennet is some of the most lauded all of English literature.  He’s also very confident—maybe a little too confident, in fact.

He puts the pride in Pride and Prejudice, which leads to another allure to the Darcy type—they’re very often prideful, or brooding, or somewhat standoffish jerks…

With just enough of a hint of redemption or goodness that certain people find irresistible.  Darcy’s the DIY of relationships, and can be a fun type to emulate—just try not to be too odious.