How To Get A Girl To Date You - How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

How to Get a Girl to Date You – How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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#5: Dating Advice

Let’s put everything we’ve learned so far to the test and focus a slightly more advanced concept…the dreaded question of who pays!

Should you play the role of the gallant, suave, old-time gentleman, and pay without a second thought?

Or is that an insult to presume such a role in an age of increasing gender equality?

Should you assume, given that equality, that you’ll be splitting the check?

Or is that likely to make you come across as cheap since, you know, YOU asked HER out?

Treating women as equals comes down to treating them as individuals—that is, PEOPLE.  Some might feel one way, some another, and some might not fall into our above scenarios altogether.

Treat her and each scenario as unique and equal, and you’ve already passed a big test when it comes to the question of how to get a girl to date you.  You’re looking to date and connect with not a “type,” but a living, breathing, loving human being.

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That concludes our lesson in how to get a girl to date you —hopefully you’ve been taking good notes, because the test for this lasts a lifetime (or at least until you get hitched, anyway.)