How To Get A Girl To Date You - How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

How to Get a Girl to Date You – How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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#4: How to Make A Girl Want You

Humor is one of the most precious things we as human beings have to enjoy.  It’s also one of the most subjective.

As such, when considering whether or not to say a certain pickup line, always place more weight on what you think SHE would like to hear (and not hear) vs. what you think is funny.  Off-color comedy and jokes about one’s gender or appearance can be wonderfully hilarious…once you get to know someone, and they understand you and your tone and TRUST you.

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A good comedian or comedy writer tries to think about a joke from not just his or her own perspective, but that of the characters and audience as well.  She is your audience—how do you think she’ll receive the joke and, more importantly, WHY?

When in doubt, ask yourself WHY she might feel a certain way.  If nothing else, you’ll have given her the effort and thought she deserves, which in turn might make her a little more inclined to cut you some slack should a well-intentioned joke go horribly wrong.