How To Get A Girl To Date You - How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

How to Get a Girl to Date You – How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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#3: How to Talk To Girls

Relationships are a give and take proposition, plain and simple.  If you have everything to offer and nothing to gain by your present partnership, it’s not simply a tragedy, but a good sign you need to consider breaking things off—but that’s another story, and another article.

The fact of the matte is that when it comes to the question of how to get a girl to date you, treating her as an equal is such a basic step that it frankly doesn’t even deserve a place in our course.

Still, it’s worth going over some of the basics here:

  • Don’t presume that you “wear the pants in the relationship.” Two reasons—that assumes a gender stereotype about men and women and who should be in charge, and it likewise presumes that you’ll have a relationship before you’ve solidified that.
  • Don’t feel threatened if she’s more intelligent or talented than you. Her strength is not your weakness, and treating it as such not only smacks of sexism, but the pains of insecurity on your part, which isn’t exactly dating material.
  • That said, feel free to (politely) disagree with her. Unless you’re rude or she’s uptight and impossible, she won’t want to be lied to and treated like a child, but rather like a grown woman.

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