How To Get A Girl To Date You - How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

How to Get a Girl to Date You – How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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#2: How to Get a Girl to Like You

This is by far one of the trickiest aspect of picking up girls (or guys, for that matter.)  Young men and women alike especially face a challenge when it comes to financial solvency given the lasting impact of the Great Recession on consciousness (and pocketbooks) of Millennials across the world.  That being said, if you’re truly intent on dating, you absolutely need to find a job.

This isn’t about being rich, or about trying to impress someone.  That’s a tired old stereotype where both women AND men are concerned.  But it costs money to have a car, to rent a place, to share a cup of coffee at Starbucks, to pay for the phone and Wi-Fi you need—and maybe share something more after that.

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It’s not romantic, but it is true—in the same way a plant needs sun, water and soil to grow, a relationship needs money to stay alive, let alone grow.