How To Get A Girl To Date You - How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

How to Get a Girl to Date You – How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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How to get a girl to date you? For all the time you spend in college learning things that are perhaps interesting but ultimately useless, it might well be worth your time (and enormous tuition) to learn a few more practical things like, say, how to pay taxes…how to successfully apply for and land a job…oh, and how to get a girlfriend tips.

Of course, in the interest of gender equality—and in deference to Gender Studies—we should say a How to Date a Guy course would be in order as well.  Still, gender stereotypes die hard, and while it would be unfair to say that women are better at reading men than the other way around.

Some men really do struggle with the whole dating game, whole others could stand to up their game a little.

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Read on this 101 guide on how to get a girl to date you