How to Get a Boyfriend

How to Get a Boyfriend Tips: Where Have All The Single Men Gone?

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It’s a common joke among single women these days that there are simply no single men left. It is not unusual for a group of single friends to be sitting around in a café, brainstorming how to get a boyfriend, over their chai lattes and proclaiming that all the good guys are either gay or taken, but is this true?

Could it be that all the eligible single men have just disappeared off the face of the earth or are we doing something wrong in our approach? Perhaps we are to blame. Perhaps we might even be looking in all the wrong places, so where have all the single men gone?

Okay, admittedly it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet eligible men, but it’s not because they have all vaporized into thin air; part of it has a lot to do with our hectic lives…perhaps it is us women we need to take a look at.

Should we be asking ourselves ‘Am I just too busy to have a boyfriend?’ Lets review these basic how to get a boyfriend tips