How to Flirt With a Man

How to Flirt With a Man Subtly – Flirting Tips for Girls

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#5: Love To Flirt

Now that we’ve gone through all these various ins and outs of how to flirt with a guy, it’s time to put it all into action!

Deciding if he’s worth the effort?  That’s taking the initiative right there.  Too often women are expected to be passive or otherwise submissive in fulfilling their own romantic and sexual needs.  You know what you want, and even if you don’t, you still have the right to decide that for yourself.

Making eye contact?  That’s all about confidence, and what’s confidence but the assured exercise of one’s own initiative?  Of course, you need a great deal of confidence in order to tell a joke as well.  One of the worst thing about obviousness is the smugness and pomposity that so often comes with it.

Remember, it’s a fine line between taking the initiative in flirting with or asking someone and expecting them to say ‘yes.’

But with all these various ins and outs on how to flirt with a man, your chances of getting that ‘yes’ should be greatly improved.