How to Flirt With a Man

How to Flirt With a Man Subtly – Flirting Tips for Girls

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#4: How to Subtly Flirt

We’ve all had that friend who thinks they’re smarter or sleeker and more talented than they really are.  Oh sure, you love them—after all, you’d have to in order to keep explaining her behavior to others—but you’re growing a little tired of hearing it from them as they complain about just not being able to get guys interested or getting a relationship to stick.

It’s a bit obvious by now which being obvious is a definite don’t for successful flirtation.  Part of the allure of someone who’s flirting with you is the mystery involved.

Having all the subtlety of a sledgehammer doesn’t make you alluring so much as an absolute headache—and that’s simply not how to flirt with guys.  Too many articles describe men as idiotic, slobbering dogs, and women as having to lead them by the leash sexually.  Not only is that unfair to both sexes, that’s just plain wrong.

Your body language, your words, your tone—it can all be playful and even tantalizing, but never obvious.