How to Flirt With a Man

How to Flirt With a Man Subtly – Flirting Tips for Girls

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#3: Flirting With Men 

So, worth the effort, you’ve come over and made eye contact that’s confident, entrancing, and doesn’t leave you looking like a gawking stalker, and now’s the moment when you begin your exciting foray into the world of flirting with a wittily-teasing little line and say…


Humor is one of the best ways of flirting with a guy and making it count.  A good laugh just does so much.  It can break the ice, ease the tension, give a good impression of your personality, give you a chance to impress him, and allow you to gauge his reaction.  Does he like intelligent women, or does he feel threatened?  Does he laugh along with you, squirm in his seat, stare back at you stupidly…

It’s a brief preview of the kind of initial chemistry you might expect with one another.

Let’s say you’re not Tina Fey, though, and can’t come up with a Bossypants-worthy quip.  What then?  Go ahead and steal one from a film or show you find funny, deliver it with all the confidence you have, and see if he gets the reference—and gets you.