How to Flirt With a Man

How to Flirt With a Man Subtly – Flirting Tips for Girls

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#1: I Want To Flirt?

First thing’s first—before you can adequately determine how to flirt with a guy (any guy) you have to decide if he’s even worth the effort. Sure, you want the fun, liberation and excitement a little innocent flirtation can bring, but you also want RESULTS!

What makes ‘a good man’ is fodder for countless articles out there, but gender has less to do with it than actually being, you know, a good person, and since what makes a person ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is highly subjective, and enough to fill a lifetime of Philosophy and Ethics courses, here’s one Golden Rule which will rarely steer you wrong:

In deciding if he’s worth the effort…consider if he’s willing to MAKE the effort.  Ask you friends their opinion, and pay attention to how he speaks and acts.

Is this just you ‘crushing’ on some random guy who couldn’t care less?  Does he care TOO much, and you’re in for a Christian Grey-style nightmare of emotional blackmail?  Or does he hit that sweet spot of recognizing, appreciating, and reciprocating your signs?

If so, that’s a good sign he’s worth your time, and might indeed become MORE than a simple flirtation.