How to Flirt With a Man

How to Flirt With a Man Subtly – Flirting Tips for Girls

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There’s nothing wrong, in and of itself, about reading articles on how to flirt with a man, in the same way that there’s nothing inherently wrong about fantasizing about a swimming pool filled with pinot noir while being serviced by *Insert Person of Choice Here.*

The point is that many of these types of articles play up more of the ‘wish fulfillment’ angle of fantasizing or just the sass and shock value of dirty pick-up lines for girls when it comes to the question of flirting.

But you?  You’re different.  You’re a busy person, after all, your time is precious, so if you’re going to put the time and effort into being flirtatious and charming, this had BETTER go somewhere, by God!

So for you, the practically-minded flirter on the go, we offer these five tips on how to flirt with a man and expect real results