How to Finger a Girl

G-Spot! Learn How to Finger a Girl to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

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#6: Have Rough Sex

Yes, you read that right. During my sexual escapades, the one thing that would constantly bother me was my woman’s ability to endure pain. I would always worry about hurting her while fingering her because women are delicate.

However, to my surprise, I found that she loved it whenever I applied a little more force on the walls of her vagina. While inserting the finger, it’s okay to probe her G-spot a little roughly as women actually love it.

Don’t assume that your woman will break if you’re a little rough. Start gently and as you touch her G-spot, she will begin to writhe on the bed. Try to go faster at this point because she’s fully turned on. However, hold back a bit if you feel that she’s going to orgasm.

Pull your fingers out and massage her vagina and insert them back again when she’s all hot and ready. If you’re worried that you might become a little too rough to handle, let her direct you. If she wants you to stop because of the pain, make sure you stop immediately and do something else to reduce the pain.

In most cases, women can handle a little roughness, but it really depends on how comfortable the woman is. Finally, after you take her a point where she’s unable to take the tension anymore, go ahead and give her an orgasm she won’t be able to forget!