How to Finger a Girl

G-Spot! Learn How to Finger a Girl to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

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#4: Learn How to Arouse Her in Bed

Once you’ve made her wet, you can continue to fondle other parts of her body. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to focus on only her vagina and even if she wants you to do it, or rather begs you do it faster, it’s best to take it slow at this point. I think it’s extremely exhilarating for a man when his woman wants to be taken completely. My girlfriend was a tigress in bed and would dominate many times, but while fingering her, she would completely lose it.

Out of the many things I have learned due to my experiences, I think the one I will never forget is that it’s important to tease a woman while she’s in the throes of ecstasy.

The more you play at it, the more it arouses her. I would continue to tease her while stimulating her vagina and it was something she loved the most. Before you push your finger, caress her inner thighs to increase the sensations flowing through her.

My woman loved to be teased. In fact, I think a high percentage of women love to be teased in the bedroom. It must be a psychological reaction because it heightens the pleasure and makes the woman wait for you with bated breath. After you have taken enough time to please her and play with her, it’s time to insert your wet finger.

Don’t try to insert anything else that’s dry and although both of you might feel that’s alright to do so, remember that safety is something you must never avoid. In rare cases, my girlfriend would have trouble and wouldn’t get wet, so I would lick my finger, or make her lick my finger and insert it slowly inside her.

You have to go really slow at this point. I usually started with one finger and would then continue to tease her while adding more fingers. Rotate and twist your fingers lightly to please her more. However, be careful while twisting the fingers while they are inside her because they might hurt her.

Whenever I felt that my woman was going to have an orgasm, I would take my fingers out and rub her again.