How to Finger a Girl

G-Spot! Learn How to Finger a Girl to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

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#3: Learn How to Understand Women

Women are mystical creatures and differ from one another. What works for one woman might be a turn off for another. As mentioned already, start with gentle circles on her clitoris and increase the speed as you go. However, don’t go too fast because that might make her have an orgasm too soon. Of course, the point is to make her get an orgasm, but the more you hold off, the pleasurable it gets.

I discovered that different women have different needs. For example, while one woman loved it when all the attention was focused only on her clitoris, another woman wanted me to explore her vagina while I was at it.

Based on how your woman reacts, you will be able to understand what she needs. If she moans repeatedly while you’re massaging her clitoris, then you’re probably on to something. If you insert your fingers into her vagina while massaging her and take turns with constant rhythmic motions, she might like that too. The key here is to study her reactions because she will tell you what she needs through her actions.