How to Finger a Girl

G-Spot! Learn How to Finger a Girl to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

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#2: Best Foreplay Moves

No matter what new technique I used, I always believed in foreplay. According to me, sex without foreplay is a turn off. I have known many women who share the same thoughts as well. If you want your woman to enjoy the experience, it’s your duty to ensure that you spend a lot of time with foreplay. I noticed that even if my girlfriend hadn’t drunk water or hadn’t prepared for the act, foreplay always turned her on.

During foreplay, I would gently massage her body with one hand and use my fingers on the other hand to lightly rub her clitoris. Small circular circles on her clitoris are sure to make any woman go crazy. I usually started slow, depending on her reaction.

Since foreplay gives a hint about the things in store, make sure you excel at it. I have known women who detest men that simply jump into the act and perform intercourse without bothering about foreplay, so make sure you’re not one of them!