How to Find a Girlfriend Fast

Been Single For Too Long? How to Find a Girlfriend Fast

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#3: How to Make A Girl Want You

Forget about inviting a girl over to “Netflix and Chill” if you’re serious about learning how to get a girlfriend. The first couple of dates are the foundation to a relationship and should never be underestimated.

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They can and should show the girl what dating you would be like. If that consists of some lame, ordinary and boring dates, she is going to assume that that’s how a relationship with you would be like. Taking her on real dates also shows that you’re willing to put effort into a relationship and her happiness.

So woo a woman by taking her on real dates, ones that aren’t surrounded with booze or sex. Even if liquid courage was your key on how to talk to a girl previously, show her that you can be charming without some shots.

Take her out to dinner and a movie, but also make an effort to see her during the day as well. It could be for lunch on a patio or a day high on adrenaline at an amusement park.  Whatever it is, show her that you’re exciting and she will be eager to see what else you have in store for her.