How to Find a Boyfriend

How to Find a Boyfriend! I Want to Find Love

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#5: Will I Find A Boyfriend?

Of course, you won’t have very much luck finding a guy if you stay cooped up at home.  What’s more, while it’s OK to be a bit of a homebody and love the chill, Netflix-cheese-and-wine life, never getting out in the world doesn’t bode well for your prospects of coming across as interesting.  After all, part of what shapes a person into something truly tantalizing are their own unique life experiences.

Virginia Woolf famously wrote that for a woman to consider a life in writing, she had to have A Room of One’s Own, which speaks to the issue of financial independence again.  However, affording such a place and staying there day in and day out are different matters altogether.  Woolf could never have written her many masterpieces without her own life experiences.

Getting out there is also, obviously, the easiest way of actually ‘being noticed,’ as it were.  Sure, you can date online, but even there it’s partially ‘real world’ experiences that attract attention.

Finally, the matter of how to find a boyfriend must come second to finding yourself.  Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll have a head start on discovering both.