How to Find a Boyfriend

How to Find a Boyfriend! I Want to Find Love

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#4: Strong Woman

This is easily the least sexy item on this list, but perhaps the most practical.  This is especially true for would-be Millennial lovers, who face not just the kind of economic burdens that haven’t been seen for decades, but likewise have to contend with the persistent—faulty—stigma of their being a ‘lazy’ generation (ignoring, of course, that ALL generations are criticized in the moment and praised too heavily afterward.)

Sure, scraping out a liking scrubbing toilets and waiting tables might not be all that sexy, but financial security and solvency is.  That doesn’t, however, mean that the key to finding a boyfriend begins with supporting them via long shifts and little pay.

On the contrary—the great thing about financial independence is that it frees you up to not just be your own person, but make your own decisions romantically.

Remember how we said that not appearing desperate was crucial when it comes to how to get a boyfriend who’s a keeper?  This is yet another reason why.  Marry due to financial desperation, and your chances of happiness are greatly reduced; have the money to support yourself, and you can better wait until a truly special catch comes along.