How to Find a Boyfriend

How to Find a Boyfriend! I Want to Find Love

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#2: I Need A Boyfriend!

Following from that is fact that finding a boyfriend requires patience.  Chances are you won’t find him immediately—and that’s OK.  Not only do you not need a boyfriend to define you, you likewise do not, nay, MUST NOT settle.

Think of this one in baseball terms.  Any hitting instructor will tell you that you need to wait for your pitch-swing at everything, and the pitcher has no reason to offer you anything good.  Likewise, you need to ‘wait for your guy,’ someone who suits your wants and needs, otherwise you’ll end up going out with everyone or no one—neither of which result in happy endings.

However, just as you can’t settle for just anyone regardless of your wants and needs, you likewise cannot hold out for anything less than a Chris Evans or Will Smith or *Insert Desirable Male Celebrity Here.*

Then there’s the fact that the more desperate you are, the less attractive an option you’re likely to seem.  Nothing wards off prospective partners than the stench of desperation.