How to Attract Women

Make Her Desire You! Learn How to Attract Women

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#4: Lower Your Tone

Even if you sound like Justin Bieber on your manliest of days, you can learn how to naturally lower your tone so that it is deeper and more dominant.

This is key on learning how to attract women because women, simply put, think a deeper voice or ‘manly voice’ is more attractive and if you sound like the 12-year-old version of yourself, you just aren’t going to come off as sexy as you should.

After all, if you sound like a little boy, they’re going to expect a little boy – and yes, this applies to the bedroom as well.

So if your pitch tends to get really high when you’re excited or your voice gets squeaky when you talk louder, keep these things in mind when trying to attract the next lucky lady in your life to deter them from happening.