How to Attract Men

Make Him Want You! How to Attract Men

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#5: Victoria’s Secret?  Effort

How many quizzes on how to attract men have you read that ultimately boil down to such deep insights and pressing questions as what you wear, what you wear, and also, what you wear.

We’re going to steer clear of that kind of pandering and instead focus on something else—effort.  After all, what’s one of the underlying reasons for finding the best top or dress or eye shadow or what have you but to put work into yourself and have pride in your appearance?  Fashion is just another means of expression when you get down to it, and there are few things more precious or integral to art or life than effort expertly executed.

After all, that’s part of the reason why we have both formal wear and business wear.  In both a formal and business setting, for obvious reasons, it’s especially important to convey the sense that you are the type of person capable of great potential and effort.

No one wants to hire a lazy schlub who doesn’t put any effort into themselves, let alone casework for a law firm or files for an insurance company.  No one wants to take in an opera or grand theatrical production full of pomp and pride in the presence of someone who apparently couldn’t care less about even their own appearance, let alone the grandeur onstage.

And no one wants to date someone who isn’t prepared to put effort into a relationship.  Putting effort into how you look doesn’t mean spending a fortune—in fact; it has a lot more to do with how you carry yourself.

If you can’t be counted on to care about even yourself, what would make a partner think you could be bothered to care about them?  Victoria’s real Secret?  Effort—both for your own sake and for anyone wondering how to attract men.