How to Attract Men

Make Him Want You! How to Attract Men

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#4: Body Language

There’s certainly no shortage of songs that celebrate sass.  Cole Porter would have you know that You’ve Got That Thing because You’re the Top and De-Lovely.

There’s When You Got It, Flaunt It, which only sounds like it should be a Marilyn Monroe or Beyoncé song, when it fact it comes from The Producers (and the hilariously-named Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson Bloom.)  And then of course there are the litany of sass-happy pop stars, bloggers and YouTube stars making their mark on Internet culture today.

This sense of sass can be a huge bonus for those trying to figure out how to seduce men.

It’s a myth that men don’t like women who talk or are confident about themselves.  (And if you do happen to meet someone—male or female—who has a problem with your speaking your mind or being confident, they’re not worth your time anyway, let alone a date.)  If you have that spirit of sass, don’t hold back—let out your snarky, sarcastic side and let your crackling wit run wild.

As stated, prettiness is about looks—but actual attractiveness and BEAUTY, inner and outer, are all about intelligence, wit and ATTITUDE.

That being said, when it comes to how to flirt, you have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  Empty chatter about how great someone thinks they are is just that—empty, hollow, and seemingly inauthentic, much like those forced performances we discussed earlier.  If you’re going to talk yourself up in one manner or another, you have to be willing and able to back it up.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of the person you are.  Be proud and confident—but as a rule of thumb, let others praise YOU, rather than heap praise upon yourself.

In other words, be the Beyoncé in life rather than a Kanye.