How to Attract Men

Make Him Want You! How to Attract Men

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#3: Lights, Camera, Action

Of course, before you can put on a performance, natural or otherwise, you have to set the stage, which makes atmosphere an absolutely crucial element in how to flirt.  Again, attracting men is a gross generalization, but it’s hard to imagine any romantic partner, regardless of their sex, gender, orientation or type that can’t be coaxed just a bit more by the right surroundings.

Lighting is perhaps the most understated and, in many cases, underrated aspects of any production for the stage, screen and, yes, how to attract men.

This can be especially true when trying to figure out how to attract men via Skype.  To be clear, chat with random strangers on Skype is NOT a good idea, nor is it a good way to find Mr. Right.  However, if you’ve just met someone and want to arrange a Skype date, or else have a potential boyfriend who lives far away and you’d like to chat a bit more often to increase your chances, lighting and atmosphere is crucial.

Why?  As anyone with experience acting or working for the stage or screen, the wrong in the wrong position can actually make you look older, or accentuate facial flaws such as wrinkles or moles.  By contrast, good lighting can make you seem to glow and hide some of those blemishes.

Weather can be another factor.  Meeting someone outside on a sunny afternoon has a natural atmosphere of warmth, while meeting inside during a cold and rainy night can be cozy for quite another reason.  Either way, no matter how you light and set the stage, you still have to put your plans into action.