How to Attract Men

Make Him Want You! How to Attract Men

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#2: Perfume and Performance

In public speaking, in trying to figure out how to seduce men, and in life in general, being comfortable with oneself is of paramount importance—you won’t be able to get past or at least better manage those mumbling, stuttering, self-conscious moments until trust yourself to be yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with putting on a bit of a performance.  If you’re not feeling overwhelmingly confident on your own, sometimes just putting on a show can be enough to sustain you through the first few nervous stages until you’re more confident and, ultimately, more yourself.

Still, there’s a fine line between putting on performance and appearing confident when you’re really writhing with uncertainty inside and trying to be someone and something you’re not.

To see how odious the consequences of the latter can get, think of putting on a performance like putting on perfume.  Like performances, the finest perfumes can be alluring and are listed in plenty of those other articles detailing the different ways how to attract men.  However, people can always scent out a phony—like, say, someone who slathers on loads of perfume before going out.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a genuine Eau or Essence of Dollar Store Perfume—if people can smell you coming from ten feet away, to the point where they AVOID you and your own personal plume of fumes, chances are you’ve put on a bit too much scent…and are trying WAY too hard.

The same goes with putting on a performance.  Too much, and you risk masking who you truly are, and just coming across as fake.

Whether it’s Eaus or your own personal aura, it’s always best to seem au naturel.