How to Attract Men

Make Him Want You! How to Attract Men

In Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

#1: Eye Contact and Confidence

Another common trope of articles that deal with how to seduce men is to focus only on the physical aspects of attraction, and while there’s no doubting that these play a crucial role, the more serious a relationship you want and the further into one you get, the more important it is to judge one another based on matters of actual personality and depth.

Therefore, our sections are going to combine the two, and what better place to start than with eye contact and confidence?

There’s no point in going on at length about how beautiful eyes can be—you know that.  However, there’s a big difference between a pair of pretty eyes and a look that’s absolutely enchanting.

One solid tip, In terms of both how to flirt as well as develop good public speaking skills, is to maintain good eye contact.  Ideally, you want to strike a balance between sharp concentration and a softer, more inviting look.

Above all, you want your eye contact to exude confidence and come across as natural while reflecting your own personality.  In terms of how to flirt with men, that’s a good tip too—a pair of pretty eyes are ultimately made beautiful by the person behind them.

Of course, as anyone who’s ever been the least bit self-conscious can tell you, that’s sometimes far easier said than done.  For some, it can be difficult to stop yourself from mumbling into your shirt or looking away while talking under normal circumstances—but when trying to attract someone for whom you have feelings?  That can seem downright impossible.

But more about that in the next section.