How Do You Know You Love Someone

Am I In Love? How Do You Know You Love Someone

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#3: When Your In Love

signs to know your in love

If you’re not old enough to have seen or had your parents or grandparents show or take you to a new production of My Fair Lady…quite frankly, you’re too young to be worrying about how to get a guy, or if he likes you or not.

For the rest of you, remember how Henry Higgins in no way whatsoever had feelings for Eliza Doolittle…until, towards the end, when she’s left he finds himself with a nagging inability to forget about her?  The fact that, as he sings to us, he’s ‘Grown accustomed to her looks, Accustomed to her voice, Accustomed to her face?’

Not being able to stop thinking about them?  Taken with a few of the others on this list, that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re in love.

Of course, that can be one of the most exciting yet potentially maddening aspects of love, the fact that it doesn’t exactly respond to good, sound logic alone, which is a comfort zone for Sherlock Holmes and Henry Higgins types.  Then again, identifying your feelings and managing them are different matters altogether.