home remedies for dry skin

Fantastic Home Remedies for Dry Skin You Should Try Right Now!

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#5: Humidifiers Work Wonders

You’ve probably heard it all before, but turning to humidifiers in those cold winter months is almost a must. As you are using your furnace more to keep warm when it’s cold outside, this is actually robbing your body of natural moisture.

So sure you stay warm but your very own home environment is now dry in and of itself, and that means that the dry skin will only get worst.

You can install a humidifier within your furnace, but many people find that using a standalone humidifier in their bedroom works best.

You are adding a good humidity to the room that you spend so much time, and this helps to moisturize the skin from the inside out. Keep the humidifier running all night long, and you will find that the dry skin subsides rather quickly.

Be diligent about using a humidifier and try to use one that uses a cool mist as it works the most effectively.