Helen Keller 3

Helen Keller: Keep Chasing Your Dreams No Matter What

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Helen Keller -You never know what tomorrow might bring. Life is full of surprises and these surprises sure can be deceiving too. At times a curse can be a blessing in disguise.

On the 27th of June, in Tuscumbia, Alabama a healthy baby came into this world. She was no different from an ordinary child, but she wasn’t the same for long. When she was 19 months old, a tragic incident occurred and that’s where her story began.

Helen Keller lost her vision and hearing due to an unknown illness. Once she was healthy and fit, she was left blind and deaf and this came as a massive shock to her family..

Remember those fairytales we heard and read when we were little kids? Stories where princesses were cursed and how their curses led to happy hereafters. The curses always helped them find the most precious things in life.

Similarly, your problems may seem depressing and hard to bear, but they can just be happy hereafters for you too. Helen’s loss of hearing and vision was a blessing in disguise for her. Of course things did not work out easy, it did take a lot of time, hard work and grit, but the end result was surprisingly incredible.

Waves, like obstacles and problems, continue to come your way one after the other, sometimes small, sometimes huge and that is how it is meant to be till the end of time. That’s the beauty of life. Just like the waves beautify the sea, our problems are meant to decorate our lives and souls, even though we do not realize it.

They teach us to be better individuals, to be generous and compassionate, to persevere and work hard, to reach our goals and live our dreams, to ignore our defects, to forget about what we do not have and to focus on what we have.

Apart from Helen Keller’s health issues the Keller family faced another setback in life. They lost most of their riches in the course of the Civil War. Do you grieve the loss of your earthly possessions? Well, why do you grieve?