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9 Proven Ways to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships

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#5: Don’t Have Too Many Expectations

It’s not wrong to expect a charming prince to come into your life, but if you have too many expectations, you might have to kiss too many frogs to get to the prince! In many cases, prince charming might not even come into a woman’s life simply because he doesn’t exist.

Several people have too many expectations. For instance, I read an article where a woman was complaining about her husband saying that he wasn’t the male ‘alpha’ she read about in books. Really? What? It could be highly amusing to read about silent, brooding, extremely handsome men in books, but it’s important to understand that there’s nobody who’s perfect.

I’ve also read about many people getting worried about their relationships when it comes to sexual matters. Hell, people are even worried about the number of times they have sex and immediately run to the therapist just because they think that something’s wrong.

No matter what you read or watch, remember that it’s all up to you and your partner. You can do whatever you want as long as you both are comfortable. Simply put, it’s absolutely okay to have sex once a week or a month if you and your partner like it that way. Curb your expectations and think about what’s real because that’s what life’s all about.