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9 Proven Ways to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships

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#9: Never Make Assumptions

This is worth repeating again and goes hand in hand with accepting your partner for who he/she is. Have you ever assumed something about your partner even when you weren’t really sure about it? Well, we are all guilty of making assumptions about our partner at one point of time or another because we are built that way.

Sometimes, we believe only what we want to believe and everything else fades away. For instance, if you think, “He never holds my hand when we’re out in public. He probably doesn’t like me!” then you must stop right there.

The best approach would be to ask your partner if he’s uncomfortable doing so because we all are different in our way.

While you might like to hold hands and love cuddling, your partner might be someone who isn’t interested in doing so. Not all of us love public display of affection and your partner might be one of them.

If you talk to your partner and sort it out, it’s always better than assuming that he doesn’t like you because everything starts going downhill from there.