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How to Keep a Healthy Marriage in a Two-Income Relationship

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For all the good two-incomes can bring about, however, maintaining an harmonious and healthy marriage isn’t always exactly one of them.

You work all day at the pharmacy or behind the desk of a shipping company, or as partner to a law firm. Your other half spends the whole day working as well, as an electrician, as a doctor, as an insurance agent.

Maybe you work the same job—both professors, they explaining the ins and outs of differential equations to ever-perplexed students, you spending the day teaching a new generation what in all Dublin’s up in James Joyce’s perennially-puzzling Ulysses.

Which is more difficult?

Trick question—but you’ll both have an answer to it, of course, even when you come home tired and worn out from a long work day.

For some, nabbing even one job in this economy can be a triumph, so to have a two-income relationship or family can definitely be a good thing.  After all, two incomes mean more money—how can that possibly backfire?

When double income means no alone time between you and your partner.

Two-income households are more and more becoming the norm, partially due to the fact more women make up the workforce now than ever before, and partially because a two-income household is becoming increasingly-necessary not just to get ahead but, indeed, in some situations and neighborhoods, just to stay afloat economically.

Here are great tips for maintaining a healthy marriage in a two-income relationship