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Top 7 Strategies to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids

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#6: Drinking Water – An Essential Part of a Healthy Kid’s Diet

We all know that water is an important part of our diet. Sufficient water intake is necessary to rear healthy kids. A child has a lot of water content in his/her body and since they have a higher metabolism rate than adults, they need more water.

healthy kids 25 healthy kids Top 7 Strategies to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids healthy kids 25While we need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of pure water every day, kids need to drink water according to their age, as they grow up. As your healthy kids grow more, they need more water.

It is up to the parent to make the child drink more water since children rarely ask to drink water.

If you do not ensure that your child drinks a lot, it could lead to dehydration and other issues in the future.

So, make your kids drink as much water as possible, instead of waiting for them to ask for it. In our family, we had a rule of drinking at least two glasses of water on an empty stomach every day.

Studies have shown that drinking water also reduces the risk of diseases, so we stuck to this rule and follow this even today.