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Top 7 Strategies to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids

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#5: Encourage More Physical Activity – A Vital Step to Raise Healthy Kids

Generally, kids are very active, but it’s important for them to get at least an hour of exercise or play time every day. This is an extremely important point you need to consider while raising healthy kids since physical activity not only helps them grow, but it also makes them tired and eat more.healthy kids 23 healthy kids Top 7 Strategies to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids healthy kids 23

Though all my kids played a lot at school, I would take them to the local park at least twice a week.

I would also sing and dance with Olivia and Nancy, whenever I got the chance.

Those days were incredibly tough for me since I had to plan and manage everything, but they were also the most beautiful ones.

According to various studies conducted, research shows that exercise is an important element for healthy kids.

It can strengthen their bones and I noticed that even Nathan would eat without complaining whenever he exercised a lot.

However, having said that, you must keep an eye on their activities since over-training can be a problem for many kids. Healthy kids need to run around and exercise, sure, but make sure that they don’t exert themselves more than necessary.