Happy Marriage

How Music Can Help To Maintain a Happy Marriage

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If there are any universals out there in terms of what resonates with human beings, a love of music certainly ranks highly on the list, just next to a desire of a happy marriage.

No matter who you are or what your cultural background is, chances are you like some form of music, somewhere, produced at some point in time.

It can be anything from Bach to the Beatles, Mozart to Metallica, Taylor Swift’s latest chart-topper or a centuries’ old tune which has been passed down from generation to generation amongst members of a shared cultural background, or even just family members.

Happy marriage is a bit like music in that it’s constant enough that some form of it is generally desirable across the globe, however varied it might be across cultures, genders, classes and time.

And just as even the best of musical instruments need a bit of fine-tuning once in a while, even the strongest of happy marriages can use a bit of help now and again.

Here are four ways music can help you maintain a happy marriage