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6 Marriage Secrets from Happily Married Couples

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There’s certainly no shortage of songs about married couples.  Millions of weddings are performed to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March from a piece inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Sinatra sang about Love and Marriage.

Married couples seem to be everywhere, but happy married couples?  That’s seemingly a little harder to find these days, with divorce rates climbing since WWII.  To be fair, some of that has to do with other factors, such as increased agency for women and economic pressures have ended more than their fair share of marriages.

Even so, however, there are plenty of happy married couples, which raises the question—how can you get your marriage to turn out that way or, if it’s already seemingly sunshine and roses, have it stay that way?

There is the temptation to hate happily married couples.  Well, maybe hate is a bit of a strong word…rather, it’s entirely possible that you and your spouse might feel a bit of jealousy towards them.  And why not?  Again, there are a great many different obstacles facing marriage today.

It’s tempting to wonder why they should have things perfect while you and your spouse are struggling to make ends meet, or indeed, are at your collective wits’ end trying to sort things out between one another?

Never fear.  Strife is a common enough ingredient to a marriage, and a little conflict can even be healthy.  That said, you do want to keep things happy overall, and to that end, we’re here to help.

Here are 6 marriage secrets from happily married couples that are sure to have you and your partner singing a new tune.