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How To Put Together Halloween Party Themes for Adults

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#4: Halloween Party Themes Drinks

Halloween or otherwise, the night simply isn’t complete without a fine drink selection.  One of the great things about the fall and winter seasons for beer and wine connoisseurs is that it brings out a whole host of new and flavorful options which are otherwise restricted.Halloween Party Themes  halloween party themes How To Put Together Halloween Party Themes for Adults Halloween Party Themes 6

You may want, nay, demand that pumpkin spiced latte year-round, but its once-a-year charm is what helps make it seasonal and special patience—absence makes the heart—and taste buds—grow fonder (though we still sympathize for your withdrawal cravings come January.)

Pumpkin-spiced or flavored beers – are a staple of the season for many, and as such, there are a lot of great options out there.

A Bloody Mary is a nice—if slightly cliché—drink idea as well, taking a classic drink and matching it to a thematically-appropriate night.

Some darker pinot noirs can make for nice choice around midnight if you’re looking into a Halloween partner night that’s more private and potentially-romantic.

There are Halloween-themed cocktails which are also worth trying out, and of course, if you’re looking to give your liver a break, there are some fantastic specialty novelty soft drinks which come out this time of year.