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How To Put Together Halloween Party Themes for Adults

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#1: Big Halloween Party or Personal Gathering?

First, as always, know thyself, and just as importantly, know thy partner.  Halloween party themes  are great for springing surprises on people, but that doesn’t mean your partner will love a massive ‘surprise party’ if he or she is shy, regardless of how Halloween themed it is.  Respect your partner’s wishes, and make sure you’re putting together a night they will like as well.Halloween Party Themes 3 halloween party themes How To Put Together Halloween Party Themes for Adults Halloween Party Themes 3

Sure, you might be happy to marathon the whole of the Saw franchise in one night, but that doesn’t always mean your partner’s going to be up for that.

One of the first big decisions you’re going to have to make is whether you’re looking to throw a big party, have a personal, private get together, or anything in between.  Again, this is going to come down to the kind of personality your partner has, what they might be into and, of course, how limited your funds are.

Our recommendation?  If you can’t go all-out, or you’re not 100% sure your partner is going to be totally down for a big party, tend towards the other option instead.

You can (and should) still put a lot of effort into a smaller gathering for friends, or a private night for two, and make that impressive, electric, and fun—all of which is far better than either trying to throw a massive party which proves to be a dud, or throwing one which alienates your partner, gives you a headache, and leaves you with a huge mess to clean up afterwards, both in your home as well as your relationship.