Great Date Night Ideas

Great Date Night Ideas to Impress your Partner

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#2: Great Date Night Ideas to go for Dinner 

So you have made it past that all-important first date, managed to keep the relationship going for a few dates more and more impressively still, have managed to do all this without yet having a heart attack.  Fantastic.  Now it is time to choose a place for your first real dinner date.

Some great date night options?

  • First of all, even though by now you’re presumably at least a few dates into your relationship, that doesn’t mean that you have to spring for a five-star restaurant where the food is beyond expensive.  Once again, it comes down to where you and your partner are most likely to feel comfortable.
  • That being said, you probably want to up your game a little bit for this round.  What’s more, you should have at least some idea of what your partner’s likes and dislikes include when it comes to food and drink.  Are you unsure?  Then don’t be afraid to ask.  It’s perfectly acceptable to ask if your partner likes Italian rather than force an evening out at Olive Garden on them when they 1) hate Italian food or 2) love Italian food enough to want something a bit more upscale and authentic than an Olive Garden.

Great Date Night Ideas great date night ideas Great Date Night Ideas to Impress your Partner Great Date Night Ideas 2

  • On that note, it’s always a good idea to try and go for a place that’s authentic and has more of an ‘aura’ to it than a chain restaurant.  Sure, you could eat at Red Lobster, and maybe that’s the best you can do if you live in, say, Topeka, Kansas, but if you live in a seafood-rich area such as San Francisco, Portland, or states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, you can probably do better than that and, if its within your means, you might well wish to do so.
  • If your partner really likes one style of food, then you’re naturally going to want to try and secure a reservation at that kind of restaurant.  You again want to strike a balance between expense and showing off.
  • No matter where you dine, wine selection can be a great way to set you and your date apart.  We have a whole article governing the intricacies of selecting a fine wine come dinnertime, but for now, suffice it to say that you want to pick a wine based on three basic criteria—the nature of your restaurant, the taste of your partner, and the tone of the evening.  All that being said, it’s important to note that ordering wine when it’s not wanted can, again, be a quick way to lower your dating stock.  No means no when it comes to wine (and anything else) so be attentive and listen to what your date wants, rather than force your desires onto them.
  • On to dinnertime manners.  Conversation is key.  Find something that the two of you have in common, or something which is particularly intriguing to your partner.  While it’s acceptable to talk about yourself or your day and doings for some time—so long as your partner keeps asking questions and is engaged—if your partner begins to talk about themselves, stop talking and start listening.