Great Date Night Ideas

Great Date Night Ideas to Impress your Partner

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So you asked your crush out and they said yes.  Now what? Here are just a few great date night ideas to help you get through that special night.

Whichever’s the case and whomever it was, all that matters now is that after the hours, days, or even weeks beforehand agonizing in true Hamlet style—’To ask or not to ask, that is the question!’

You took a deep breath, took the plunge, dared to ask that special someone out on a date, and rather than turning into a Shakespearean tragedy as it turns out, All’s Well That Ends Well…

Yes! That is great but now what do you do?

For many of us, that is definitely been the order of emotions, at least once—anxiousness, fear, a brief lightning bolt of bravery, the euphoria when he or she says yes, followed immediately thereafter by the sudden realization that you actually have no idea where to go from here.

What should you do next?  Just as importantly, where should you go next?  Dinner?  A movie?  Both?  Neither, and maybe just coffee instead?  A night on the pier?  A night in?

What is the right destination for you to choose on that all-important first date?

Or what if you are in the middle of a stable relationship and are trying to find a great place to go to dinner?

Alternatively, things might be  starting to drag a little and you need to inject a little life back into the relationship, where should you go and what should you do then?

Or, perhaps most importantly of all, what about when you have gone through round 2 of your Hamlet-izing and have decided take another huge risk—what’s the best setting for you when it comes time to pop the question?

Here are  great date night ideas to go on for first, dinner or proposal date