Best Text to Send a Girl - Good Text Conversation Starters

Best Text to Send a Girl – Good Text Conversation Starters

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#5: Bad Text Messages

Never use “hey sexy”

So we’ve gone over a few great options when it comes to conversation starters for texting—let’s get a BAD one out of the way, shall we?

Never, EVER use “Hey sexy.”  Don’t text it, don’t use it when meeting people on dating sites, don’t use it on Facebook—just don’t.


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Well, besides the fact that there’s enough misogynistic nastiness packed into those two words to fill a whole other article, using something as crass, sexist and unoriginal as “hey sexy” is like the antithesis of all the tips we’ve gone through previously in the course of this article.

You presumably don’t have a rapport with a stranger, so messaging them “hey sexy” isn’t a way to get them to warm up to you, or view you as anything more than a creep.  If they DO know you, there’s a good chance this can be taken the wrong way, and using an emoticon isn’t going to fix that.  This isn’t a good choice for an in-joke, because if your partner isn’t in on the joke, or even misreads your tone, you’ll be in a world of trouble.

And so on.  “Hey sexy” isn’t charming, isn’t a good pickup line, or any of that, and with so many good text conversation starters to use instead, there’s really no need to use it yourself—or listen to anyone who does.