Best Text to Send a Girl - Good Text Conversation Starters

Best Text to Send a Girl – Good Text Conversation Starters

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#3: Good Topics to Talk About

“So how is *insert job/project/class* going?”

If you’ve already asked your partner how their day has been, or otherwise want a more specific question to show you’ve been listening and paying attention to what’s going on in your partner’s life, you can ask them about how their job, project, class, etc. is going.

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In case you haven’t noticed, opening with a question can work wonders when it comes to good texting conversation starters.  Why is that?  Well, think about t—what does our use of question marks here do?  Cause you to want to know the answer to the question?  Make you think you know and want to guess what’s going to be said next?  Wish that we’d stop using them excessively?

OK, so there is a potential downside to excessive questioning, and it can get worse from there—namely, if your partner feels you’re asking so many questions that, instead of getting a conversation starter, they’re getting the third degree—but when used properly, this can be a powerful conversation starter for texting and Facebook fiends everywhere.